Every cup can be a ticket to a great day

Happy International Coffee Day!

New Yorkers love this city. The smells, sights and sounds. We love to walk- every mile of this city is full of excitement, mysteries and people. We love our parks- lush greenery, metal jungle gym contraptions, and beautiful sights. We love the arts- theater, design and music always surround us. And we love our coffee! New York is home to some amazing coffee shops and one cup of coffee is all you need to start yourself on a journey to a New York adventure that will treat you to a part of the city you may not have experienced before.

Brew, Sip, Savor is a celebration of that idea. We’ll regularly profile great cups of coffee around the city and pair them up with an adventure somewhere. We hope you take inspiration from this and make some memories of your own!

On this day, we celebrated the worldwide holiday of everyone’s favorite buzzy beverage with a pay-what-you-want mug of joe at Birch coffee in the Flatiron District. I have been enjoying Birch for a while in New York as they consistently deliver a bold medium-dark roasted pour that always tastes great. Occasionally . it wanders into greatness: a cup will contain floral notes and the gravity of the coffee brings all richness and flavor into the last few sips. I keep coming back hoping for that experience always happy to find it. The Flatiron District also happens to be home to the first Crossfit Box to appear in Manhattan. Full of that coffee vigor we went for a Workout of the Day, and then walked out to Madison Square Park to soak in the sun and hang out with the local squirrel population that has completely lost their fear of human beings over the years. They won’t attack, but will definitely hop the fence to pose for pictures and hopefully score a crust of bread.

It was a great morning in New York, and we hardly explored half of what the area has to offer. Not to mention the Flatiron is a short walk away from Chelsea, K-Town and other neighborhoods on the list to visit… all with their own great coffee shops.